Breastfeeding in public for the first time can feel very awkward and uncomfortable.  Like the whole world is staring at you and your precious baby while you struggle to coordinate everything perfectly.  Here are a few training tips to help ease the pressure.


Practice Practice Practice

Just like with sports, some of you might be naturals at this activity. If that’’s the case, way to go! You’’re ready for the mall food court now! We can already picture nursing your newborn while juggling your soda and Hot Dog on a Stick. You are amazing. But for many of you, who are having trouble getting your baby to latch, practice in the comfort of your own home. Once you know what you’’re doing, and you feel the baby has the hang of it, your experience outside the house will be less daunting.


Get a Coach

Really! If breast-feeding feels too awkward or you just don’’t seem to be getting you and baby into the right flow, consider hiring a lactation specialist or joining a group class. Many hospitals offer seminars taught by professionals whose only job is to teach women how to feed comfortably. Check out a group or one-on-one professional who can help you.


Have the Right Mindset

Breastfeeding is no laughing matter. Feeding your baby – from your body – is about as life affirming as it gets. You have nothing to feel awkward about. This life you created deserves nourishment, and you’’re the one to give it to him or her, so remember that. You need not cower. Knowing that you are absolutely within your right to breastfeed in public will keep you strong, motivated and encouraged – especially when things don’’t go perfectly.


Kiss Perfection Goodbye

Don’t expect to get the hang of it perfectly from day one. And don’t be discouraged by little things that don’t appear to be going right. What might seem like a fail is simply an opportunity to make an adjustment that works better for your and baby. You don’’t need to judge yourself. The fact is that you’’re doing it and it’s all for the good of your beautiful newborn.


Focus Where it Counts

Breastfeeding around other people can feel intrusive. Many women report feeling judged. Breastfeeding is about you and your child. Don’’t feel comfortable still? Here’s a thought: Keep your eyes on your baby instead of anyone else around you. Lack of attention will keep the power between you and your baby.


A Last Note

Not everyone breastfeeds, and that’s okay. It’’s not okay, however, if they don’t do it because they don’’t feel comfortable in public. You are raising your baby, not the neighbors, not your parents, not even your own husband. Other’s opinions and thoughts, imagined or real, are not important. What matters is your opinion. If you want to do this, we wish you the best of luck and hope that these tips helped to encourage you.


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by Andrea Frazer for SimpleRx

andrea frazer

Andrea Frazer is a writer, wife, mom to two Tweens and a rescue dog. Check back for more of her posts and tips on healthy living and healthcare awareness as well as the latest news and savings from SimpleRx Prescription Discount Program.

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