Spring is here and it’’s a great time to focus on how you can renew yourself and even revisit a couple of those resolutions that didn’’t make it past January!


Keeping in mind that transformation often starts small and simple, here’’s a list of 10 Spring-Inspired ideas to help you become more balanced and healthy.


  • Sleep: It works for the bears who hibernate all winter and poke their heads out in Spring. It works for humans, too. Unlike our furry friends, however, we needn’t hole up in a cave for months on end. Eight hours a night, however, is crucial to having our brains and bodies work at maximum capacity. According to The National Sleep Foundation, less than that is a serious detriment to our sense of balance, focus and bodily healing.
  • Meditation: According to a recent Harvard study, which used MRI’s to study various meditation participants, there was significant grey-matter density found in the hippocampus. The hippocampus deals with learning and memory, as well as plays a vital role in self-awareness, compassion and introspection. By taking just fifteen minutes a day to calm down and focus through mindfulness mediation, we can increase joy and productivity beyond what we dreamed possible.
  • Water: Lack of hydration is proven to cause drowsiness, irritation and illness. Add in soda and coffee and some of us are starting at a negative before we even set foot at the door. Simply drinking more H2O is the first step to a more energized and fit life. Health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, equaling about 2 liters (half a gallon). This is called the 8×8 rule, making it easy to remember.
  • Less Caffeine: While many of us love our Starbucks and drive-through sodas, it might be time to love ourselves just as much, or at least switch to decaf. When we drinkour favorite stimulant filled beverages, caffeine binds to our brain’s adenosine receptors. The result is that we end up more tired in the long run. Consider ditching your favorite vices slowly, such as cutting down your allotted cups one per day for a week until you are down to two or one. Another trick is to avoid caffeine after 12PM which can promote more restful sleep.
  • Exercise: With all that energy you’ll be getting back through sleep, water and less caffeine, consider upping the exercise. Spring is a glorious time to go on that hike. If you live in the colder climates, grab that DVD and get moving. Invite friends! Put it in your calendar. Your body and mind will thank you.
  • Gratitude: It’’s so easy to get in a negative mindset when we look at our problems. But guess what? Everyone has problems. They also have amazing things in their lives. Consider writing a list each day with ten positive things you are grateful for. If you can’’t channel your ‘Susie Sunshine’ right at the moment, do ten things for someone else. The joy you get from volunteering will quickly give you ten things to be grateful for!
  • Journaling: Writing is a great way to clear the mind and set goals. Like a Spring garden, planting some seeds of hope on the page can often yield crops of happiness one never knew existed but were just laying there under the surface. Commit to one month of journaling for ten minutes and see what happens!
  • Community: Did you know that the largest trees in the world – the Redwoods – have incredibly small roots compared to their size? Ever wonder why they don’’t topple over? It’’s because these trees stand in close proximity to other their fellow Redwoods. The roots of each tree are intricately connected to all the roots in the grove. Such connection keeps them from falling. The same goes with us. Like the Redwoods, find people that can nourish you, lock arms, and watch yourself grow this spring.
  • Vitamins: We need these to replenish the vitamins we lose through our food and lifestyle. Not sure what vitamins to take? Talk to your doctor or consider seeing a naturopath. They can give you a simple blood or saliva test to see where you are lacking certain nutrients.
  • Fun: You know that old adage, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” It’’s true. Jack is a lot more fun when he follows tips 1 – 9 as well as takes a break from work and does something joyful. You should, too. In fact, we won’’t get mad if you get off this computer right now, connect with a friend, and do something purely for the pleasure of having more joy!


If you haven’t scheduled a physical or annual check up with your doctor, Spring is also a great time to get that on your calendar and make sure that your essential health vitals are in balance. We hope you’re in perfect health. But should you find out that you need to fulfill a prescription, take a look at how SimpleRx can help you reduce out of pocket expenses.


by Andrea Frazer for SimpleRx

andrea frazer

Andrea Frazer is a writer, wife, mom to two Tweens and a rescue dog. Check back for more of her posts and tips on healthy living, healthcare awareness as well as the latest news and ways to benefit from SimpleRx Prescription Discount Program.

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